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We continue our work by following the fashion with our innovative perspective, carrying out all research and analysis in the field of fabric and yarn before our products, together with our innovative and technological investments. 


After the cutting process of the fabrics is completed, the products that pass all the tests are sewn with advanced technological machines. In the packaging process of the products, the products are subjected to quality control by the quality management unit.


After the R&D process, before the products are put on the market, design preparation is provided by researching different patterns and colors, taking into account the fashionable and visual tastes. Before the designs are delivered to production, they leave the design department to start the production process, leaving behind the production, washing tests, product screening stage and stock production cost stage, respectively.


The products whose sewing phase is finished are examined on the basis of the company's quality management and are directed to the packaging process by obtaining quality control approval.


In the design process, which is carried out with great care, the yarns, all stages of which are completed, are processed in knitting machines and turned into knitwear.


With the finalized quality control approval process, every product that passes the approval is packed with precision and shipped to the customers.

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